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With the hope of providing bereaved families a place to remember and honor the children they have lost, the Springfield Angel of Hope, NFP was established in August 2007. Founded by parents who have experienced the heartbreaking pain of losing a child, our not-for-profit organization raised all the necessary funds to pay for and install the angel statue. With strong community encouragement and support, construction began on the Springfield angel statue site in April 2008 at the Washington Park Botanical Garden. The site was completed and dedicated in October 2008.

With the Memorial Wall nearly filled to capacity in 2016, there was a need to expand the angel statue site to continue to provide a peaceful, hopeful place honoring our beloved children. Through the continued overwhelming support of individual and community donors, the angel statue site expansion was completed in October 2017 with the addition of two Memorial Walls, as well as a new walkway and landscaping. With this completion, the Springfield Angel of Hope, NFP can continue to help bring healing and serenity to those mourning the loss of their child through commemoration at the statue site.

Springfield's angel statue is the only one of its kind located in central Illinois. The bronze angel, with its child's face and outstretched wings of hope, measures 4'3" tall and has a wingspan of 5'2". If you look closely you can find the word "HOPE" written on the angel's right wing. Children's names are honored on a Memorial Wall located behind the angel statue. Situated in a beautiful natural setting, the Springfield Angel of Hope Statue provides a peaceful place for grieving, remembering, and healing. The children whom the angel statue commemorates should be playing, working, and living in our community - now they will be honored at the Springfield angel statue site for generations to come.


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